Girls Who Code

Yours Truly Creative
Creative Director

Digital Campaign
Fall 2018

Strategy Director - Sonia Salvador
Creative Producer - Alexandra Thurmond
Music Supervisor - Jayne Andrew
This is one of those dreams projects. To celebrate International Day of the Girl with Girls Who Code we created a 9 track digital album made up of songs to acknowledge, celebrate and encourage the current growing power of sisterhood. The campaign featured over 100 women and girls from around the world. I was lucky enough to also direct a few of the tracks, On Being and ASMR Activism.

 Webby Award
  Public Service and Activism


Track No. 1
(featuring Little Miss Flint)

Track No. 4

 Anthem - "Ooh Child"

(Featuring Regan Aliyah,
Chika, Tiffany Gouché)

Track No. 5

(Featuring Lizzo, Madame Gandhi, and
Seattle's Northside Step Team)

Track No. 6
"ASMR Activism"
(Featuring Mitra Jouhari, Sasheer Zamata,
Caitlin Kimball, and Aparna Nancherla)

Track No. 2 
"On Being" (Featuring Elyse, Natalia, Khaterah, Rayouf,
Robin, Trinity, and DeShanna, illustrated by Ashley Lukashevsky and animated by Lynn Yun)

Track No. 3
(Director Amirah Tajdin)

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